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Custom web hosting

Custom hosting for WordPress powered websites on servers in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, great connectivity, SSD drives and modern features like Ningx proxy, PHP FPM, HTTP2 support. CDN setup, high-performance setups for individuals and agencies.

E-mail sending and marketing platform

When you send newsletters and e-mail campaigns to your business customers, it is essential that e-mails are delivered in time and avoid spam folders. Honoring different anti-spam laws can keep your business out of trouble, in some countries penalties go to thousands of EUR per one spam message. To comply with all the regulations, you must meet some general requirements. Long story short, you should be sending mail only to customers that gave consent to such communication and allow them to easily unsubscribe, verify e-mail services address upon registration and more, in EU business e-mails must contain contact information.

There is a lot of newsletter bulk-sending software to choose from.  We offer help to select marketing platform that best suits your needs, with large subscribers base, you can send e-mails from $1 per ten thousand e-mails.

To make sure your mail is delivered, we use white-listed e-mail servers capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of e-mails a day. We set up proper SPF and DKIM DNS records to ensure that services like Gmail will authenticate your domain. Mail recipient will know that the sender is the real owner of the domain and they can trust the sender as an origin that signed the e-mail with a cryptographic signature.


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