Custom webhosting

We specialize in custom hosting on dedicated servers powered by Linux operating system and offer PHP / MySQL custom setups tailor made to your needs, on demand libraries, plugins, modules, custom IP addresses, SSL certificates, connecting multiple domains, setting up custom DNS records and flexible on demand e-mail accounts.

Consulting services

Creating business website, web portal or e-commerce website can a challenge. Jump-start your process by saving lot of time and troubles of learning on the go. Let us help you by sharing our experience and know-how.

We can help with process workflow: where to start, from choosing the best hosting solution based on your application’s needs, estimated traffic, building your content the right way in respect to international targeting, multiple language translations and what it means in e-commerce or search engine optimization (SEO).

Accepting payments, integrating merchant solutions such as accepting credit cards or other form of payments is sometimes tricky and different rules apply in different countries. We can help to set you up fast, explain and train your staff in different ways of payment, how to work with recurring payments (subscriptions), understand regulations and PCI compliance, working with taxes, invoices and credit cards and all the issues with VAT, or US sales tax, MOSS, INTRASTAT, exchange rates and more …

From our experience, most of the expenses can be calculated upfront and you will have near to exact prediction of expected costs for near future. No surprises. Calculations include hosting, traffic, merchant provider’s fees (US and EU fees are different for charging credit cards), licenses and more.

Using open source software? Open source means you have access to source code, but many different licenses still apply (GPL, LGPL, MIT, MPL, Apache, BSD and more). Some of them are very restrictive and limiting. Avoid law suits, let us train you in licensing basics so you can use open source code properly and honor license terms. For example GPL license, very widely used licensing model, has a huge restriction in use with proprietary software. When using GPL with your software application that you want to distribute to your clients, your application code must be also released, did you know that?

E-mail sending and marketing platform

When sending newsletters and e-mail campaigns to your business customers, it is very important that e-mails are delivered in time, avoid spam folders. Honoring different anti-spam laws can keep your business out of trouble, in some countries fines go to thousands of EUR per one spam message. To comply with all the regulations, some general requirements must be met. Long story short, you should be sending mail only to customers that gave consent to such communication and allow them to easily unsubscribe, verify e-mail address upon registration and more.


There is a lot of newsletter bulk-sending software to choose from.  We offer help to choose marketing platform that best suits your needs, with large subscribers base, you can send e-mails from 1$ per thousand.

To make sure your mail is delivered, we use white-listed e-mail servers capable of delivering hundreds of thousands e-mails an hour, we setup proper DNS SPF and DKIM records to ensure that modern servers like Gmail will take you seriously, this will let them know that you are real owner of the domain and they can trust you at least with that.

Fast e-commerce solution

Fast e-commerce solution is service of setting up on-line shop in matter of few days, including credit card payment integration, G Suite integration for receiving e-mails and invoicing your customers with capability of correct recognition of customers in respect to calculate right taxes like VAT in Europe or sales tax in USA. Invoicing includes VAT MOSS report which allows you to prepare VAT returns according to European Union regulations. Your customers can create products with one time charge or setup a subscription service that would make recurring charges to customers. We have done it many times before, don’t waste your time and make mistakes, we can train your team with technical and accounting issues and fast forward your experience from technical nightmares to serving your customers as soon as possible.

We can help with the workflow, planning is the key, merchant verification process can take some time, but other than that, you will be setup in hours or few days. It depends on scale of your project.

While you will be filling in your e-shop content and product details, we will simultaneously finish setting up e-mail accounts, domain settings, your custom requests and setup backups in case of server failure, analytics, search engine submission.

We offer training your team onsite, to help you understand processes behind credit card transactions, help you with creating basic  ‘terms and conditions’ and show you customer user case from order to the sale, then finally switch to receiving real live payments.

Search engines optimization SEO is undeniably important to e-commerce business, our solution will set you up with customizable HTML meta, title and description tags, rewritable URLs and other important tools, so you meet all the criteria from Google Webmaster Guidelines to make it easy for engines to index your website, find your product and leverage all new functions Google introduced recently.